The Congress is held in facilities of the School of Physical Education and Sport Sciences of the Democritus University of Thrace.
Since the academic year 2007-09, the Department of Physical Education and Sport Sciences has been transferred to a new owned establishment (~15.000m2) at the Democritus University Campus.
The new building has 6 teaching halls, 2 amphitheatres, a new ultramodern laboratory space, teaching and research staff offices and the Secretariat office.
In neighboring autonomous buildings, the rehabilitation center (521 m2) and the library (1008 m2) are housed including also the reading space for students of disabilities, and the computer rooms.
The transfer of the school to its new installation enhanced the dynamic of this International Congress, while the new space and environment provided with limitless possibilities for delegates to interact efficiently and develop new collaborations by participating in more than one sessions.

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