• Information Communication Technologies
    in Physical Education teaching process
  • Psychomotor Intervention (PI) for children:
    water and indoor activities.
    Designing and guiding the intervention process
  • Interval Exercise: Fashion or Tool for
    Healthy Individuals and People with Chronic Disease?
    From Theory to Practice in the Modern Gym
  • Watsu (water-shiatsu): FREE BODY IN WATER!!
  • The use of information and communication
    technologies in the adapted physical education
  • Examples of ict application and usage in
    adaptive physical education in primary and secondary education.
  • Chair

    Panagiotis Antoniou, Professor
    Nickolaos Vernadakis, Ass. Professor

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    Dr. Maria Macheridou1, Dr. Nickolaos Apostolakis2, Dr. Panagiotis Antoniou3

    1Coordinator of the South Aegean Physical Education Training Project

    2Director A’ General High School of Agios Nikolaos Crete

    3Democritus University of Thrace

  • Abstract

    New Technologies (NT) is an educational tool in the hands of the modern Physical Education teacher, which is driven by the desire for more effective education of its students. They are still part of his own personal and professional development as his roles expand beyond his usual working hours. After all, the desire for physical activity and knowledge of students does not depents on time. The integration of NTs into the physical education curriculum (PE) is a special challenge for the Physical Education teacher. The modern teacher in order to enhance the effectiveness of his teaching can and must have the skills to create and integrate multimedia applications in the educational practice. Relying on key ICT support equipment in this seminar, they will acquire information and multimedia application development skills.Also, information and skills acquisition will be expanded into an educational tool such as the interactive whiteboard. Interactive whiteboard (IW) is a technological application, a technological tool of new technologies, which under educational conditions, can be a very helpful tool in shaping a more effective learning and teaching environment for PE. The seminar is divided into two sessions (experiential workshops) and is designed to help Physical Education teachers understand the capabilities of IW (eg in solving problems they encounter in teaching objects of the PA), to enhance and assist them in their work. Proposes ways of integrating IWs into the learning process of the course of the course. This is done through exemplary educational approaches to basketball in the first session (individual skill and team tactics) as well as an educational scenario on the health of athletes.

    The second experiential workshop on the utilization of the interactive board in Physical Education teaching aims to review the basic functions and pedagogical uses of this supervisory tool, through two illustrative teaching scenarios. The first of these relates to Primary Education and is concerned with Mediterranean nutrition, in combination with physical activity. The second concerns secondary education and, in particular, the teaching of classical sports. Both doctrinal scenarios suggest a framework of principles that highlights the potential and added teaching value of this supervisory tool as a tool for enhancing the learning process, organizing classroom functioning, developing social interaction, communication and of collaboration in Physical Education. Two teaching scenarios, including interactive learning materials such as interactive simulations, video and more, are used. At the same time, new teaching material is created, through the relevant options offered by the interactive whiteboard management software and, in this case, Promethean World Active Inspire software. As part of this experiential activity, trainees will be taught and practiced in proposed ways of creating customized interactive lessons adapted to the particular learning needs of their students.

  • Seminar Fee:

    Fifteen (15) €
    Subscription Limit: 40 participants

  • Seminar Director

    Kambas Antonis
    Professor D.P.E.S.S. – S.P.E.S.S. – D.U.Th.

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    Seminar Instructors

    Venetsanou Fotini
    Associate Professor SEFAA-EKPA

    Mariana C. Kotzamanidou MSc- PhD
    Physiotherapist- Adapted Physical Education Trainer
    Assistant Lecturer Bad RagazRing Method International Aqua Therapy Faculty Switzerland
    CEO All About Aquatics Greece & Cyprus
    CEO BECO aqua college Greece & Cyprus

    Fotini Venetsanou has been involved in Psychomotricity since 2003. She has been trained by Professor Renate Zimmer and has given a significant number of seminars and lectures on this subject.

    Mariana Kotzamanidou is a physical educator and a Certified Physiotherapist in PNF, Kinesio Tape, Bobath, Aqua PNF-Bad Ragaz, Clinical Ai Chi, Aquatic Motor Control, Water Specific Therapy- Halliwick Advanced, Halliwick Basic methods. Since 2011, the World Physical Therapy Confederation has appointed her responsible and official representative for Aquatic Physical Therapy in Greece.

  • Description

    The aim of the seminar is to provide theoretical and practical knowledge for

    • the design of psychomotricity water & indoor activities
    • implementing and guiding of PI in differentiated conditions

    In the seminar will be emphasized on practical knowledge and implementation and on:

    • designing of PI for heterogeneous groups,
    • adaptation of PI in the water
    • the Dos and the DON’Ts during a Psychomotricity session
  • Date


  • Seminar Fee

    Thirty (30) €
    Subscription limit: 30 participants

  • In cooperation with

  • Information

    27th  Clinical-Educational Seminar of the Hellenic Society of Ergospirometry,

    Exercise & Rehabilitation (ELERGA)


    1st Thematic Clinical Seminar of the Postgraduate Program: “Clinical Exercise and Applications of Technology in Health”

    Democritus University of Thrace, School of Physical Education and Sport Science, T.E.F.A.A. & National Center for Science Research “DEMOKRITOS” – Institute of Informatics and Telecommunications (IIT)

  • Date

    Saturday, 16 May 2020

    11:00 – 14:00

  • Location

    Laboratory of Clinical Exercise Physiology & Sports Physiology, S.E.F.A.A. – DUTH

  • Seminar Director

    Tokmakidis S., Emeritus Professor of Ergophysiology, S.E.F.Α.Α. – DUTH,

    President of the Educational Committee of ELERGA

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    Douda H., Professor  S.E.F.Α.Α. – DUTH,

    Director of the Postgraduate Program “Clinical Exercise and Applications of  Technology in Health”

  • Registrations

    10:30 – 11:00



    11:00 – 11:20

    Continuous or Interval Exercise in People with Chronic Diseases?

    Karatzanos E., Clinical Ergospirometry, Exercise & Rehabilitation Laboratory, School of Medicine, NKUA

    11:20 – 11:40

    Continuous or Interval Exercise in Healthy People?

    Smilios I., Associate Professor of Exercise PhysiologyS.E.F.Α.Α. – DUTH

    11:40 – 12:00

    Speed or load in cardiomeabolic patients?

    Spassis Ap., Scientific Personnel, S.E.F.A.A. – DUTH

    12:00 – 12:20

    Applying Interval Exercise Protocols at Contemporary Health Clubs

    Kazaki M., MSc, Exercise Science Specialist, Health & Fitness Professional


    12:25 – 13:45

    From Theory to Practice:

    Kazaki M., MSc, Exercise Science Specialist, Health & Fitness Professional

    Kosmidou K., MSc, PhD, Physical Education Teacher, Health & Fitness Professional

    Savvaki D., MSc, PhDc, Physical Education Teacher, Health & Fitness Professional


    13:45 – 14:00


    Chairman: Tokmakidis S., Emeritus Professor, S.E.F.Α.Α. – DUTH, President of Educational Committee of ELERGA

    Karatzanos E., Occupational Physiologist, Research Associate,  Laboratory of Obstetric & Cardiopulmonary   Rehabilitation, School of Medicine, National University of Athens

    Smilios I., Associate Professor of Exercise PhysiologyS.E.F.Α.Α. – DUTH

    Spassis Ap., Scientific Personnel, S.E.F.A.A. – DUTH

    Kazaki M., MSc, Exercise Science Specialist, Health & Fitness Professional

  • End of the Seminar


    End of the Seminar

  • Seminar Fee

    Seminar Fee

    Participants: 20,00 €

    Students: 10,00 €

    *The seminar is accredited with three (3) marks  by the Panhellenic Medical Association

  • Seminar Director

    Batsiou S., Assistant Professor

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    Polatidou G., PhD, Teacher of Adapted Physical Education. Watsu Provider

  • Seminar Fee:

    Ten (10) €
    Subscription Limit: 20 participants

  • Duration

    3 hours (Swimming pool)

  • Seminar Director

    Batsiou S., Assistant Professor

  • null


    GIAGAZOGLOU P. Associate Professor, School of Physical Education and Sport Science at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

    DAMPA A., Msc.

    ALEXIADOY M., Msc.

  • Seminar Fee:

    Ten (10) €
    Subscription Limit: 30 participants

  • Duration

    3 hours

  • Seminar Director

    Batsiou S., Assistant Professor

  • null


    TECHLIKIDOU E., PhD, Special Education, Director of EEEK Kilkis

    VOGIANTZI C., MSc, ICT Educator in 1st GEL Kilkis

    KOKKINELI K., MSc, M.Ed. Kindergarten Educator, Special School of SAP – Ioannina, PAPADOPOULOU A., Kindergarten teacher

  • Seminar Fee:

    Ten (10) €
    Subscription Limit: 40 participants

  • Duration

    3 hours

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