• 1. Psychomotor Intervention (PI) for children:
    water and indoor activities.
    Designing and guiding the intervention process
  • Seminar Director

    Kambas Antonis
    Professor D.P.E.S.S. – S.P.E.S.S. – D.U.Th.

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    Seminar Instructors

    Venetsanou Fotini
    Associate Professor SEFAA-EKPA

    Mariana C. Kotzamanidou MSc- PhD
    Physiotherapist- Adapted Physical Education Trainer
    Assistant Lecturer Bad RagazRing Method International Aqua Therapy Faculty Switzerland
    CEO All About Aquatics Greece & Cyprus
    CEO BECO aqua college Greece & Cyprus

    Fotini Venetsanou has been involved in Psychomotricity since 2003. She has been trained by Professor Renate Zimmer and has given a significant number of seminars and lectures on this subject.

    Mariana Kotzamanidou is a physical educator and a Certified Physiotherapist in PNF, Kinesio Tape, Bobath, Aqua PNF-Bad Ragaz, Clinical Ai Chi, Aquatic Motor Control, Water Specific Therapy- Halliwick Advanced, Halliwick Basic methods. Since 2011, the World Physical Therapy Confederation has appointed her responsible and official representative for Aquatic Physical Therapy in Greece.

  • Description

    The aim of the seminar is to provide theoretical and practical knowledge for

    • the design of psychomotricity water & indoor activities
    • implementing and guiding of PI in differentiated conditions

    In the seminar will be emphasized on practical knowledge and implementation and on:

    • designing of PI for heterogeneous groups,
    • adaptation of PI in the water
    • the Dos and the DON’Ts during a Psychomotricity session
  • Date


  • Seminar Fee

    Thirty (30) €
    Subscription limit: 30 participants

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