Presentation Guidelines

Instructions for Oral Presentations

  1. Your abstract will be presented in the form of a PowerPoint presentation using a data projector.
  2. The presentation should include 8 PowerPoint slides, the first of which will include the title, authors, and provenance and the last will include the bibliography of the abstract.
  3. The time limit for each presentation is 10 minutes.
  4. All texts in the presentation files should be written ONLY in ENGLISH (in a single presentation file).
  5. The presentation file shall be delivered 30 minutes before the start of the session, in the room where the abstract will be presented.
  6. For any tests or corrections of the presentation, an electronic presentation support secretariat will be available in the H/Y room.
  7. For your convenience download the Oral template file and create your presentation on top of this file.

Instructions for e-Posters Presentations

  1. The e-Posters are digital, they are PowerPoint files presented on a giant screen, not printed Posters.
  2. You should prepare your presentation in “PowerPoint presentation” format, writing the text ONLY in ENGLISH language, and in only 2 slides of which: the first one will include the title, authors, origin, purpose and method, and the second one will include the results, conclusions, and bibliography.
  3. After completing your e-Poster presentation, you must upload the file here no later than May 12, 2022. Attention: ‘save’ the file by naming it with the Announcement Number (e.g. P01) AND NOT THE TITLE of the abstract.
  4. For your convenience, download the e-Poster template file and create your presentation on top of this file keeping all other elements (background color & logos).
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