2nd Sport Science Forum “Exercise is Medicine”

Saturday11.05.2019, 12:30-14:30
Coordinator: Prof. Emer. Savvas Tokmakidis, DUTH

1. Prof. Michalis Koutsilieris, DUTH – President of “Exercise is Medicine-Greece”

Therapeutic Exercise as an additional therapy in modern Medicine

2. Assoc. Prof. Dimitrios Goulis,  NKUA

Critical appraisal of guidelines for physical exercise during pregnancy complicated by gestational diabetes mellitus

3. Prof. Yiannis Pitsiladis, University of Brighton, UK

Personalisation of sport and exercise medicine through wearables: The new “microscope” of the 21st century

Με την υποστήριξη του “Exercise is Medicine Greece”

4. Savvas Tokmakidis

The Evolution of “Exercise is Medicine” in the Department of Physical Education and Sport Science

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