Keynote Speaker

Dr. Constantinos Filis

Director of the International Olympic Truce Centre, Executive Director at the Institute of International Relations, Panteion University, Athens and Head of the Russia-Eurasia & SE Europe Centre at the Institute of International Relations since 2005. He lectures at the Hellenic Naval Staff and Command College, at the Hellenic National Defense College and at the Police Academy.  He is also teaching in post-graduate degrees, as well as at the Open University of the Book Arcade (Stoa tou Vivliou). His most recent books are: “Refugees, Europe, Insecurity” (Papadopoulos Puplications), “Turkey, Islam, Erdogan” (same publisher) and “A Closer Look at Russia and its Influence in the World” (Nova Publishers).


The relevance of Olympic Truce nowadays

How relevant is Olympic Truce and how can it cope with global challenges? Is it realistic to expect temporary ceasefire during the Olympic and Paralympic Games? What are the successes and failures in the 21st century? Shall we expect a breakthrough in the near future?

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